Intuitive Life Strategy Program

This basic program focuses on one key area of your life (weight release, wealth generation, relationships) to work with your natural intuitive talents, teaching you to understand the messages from your intuition and how to apply them in your daily life.

Intuitive Life Strategy Consultation

A personal intuitive consultation with Christine can provide you with the tools to work through deep questions. This consultation includes a detailed analysis of your Astrological Birth Chart, focusing on the science of Intuitive Astrology and the relationship to what has occurred in your life to date. In other words, we will look at some of the influences that have set your course to success.

  • Basic Intuitive Life Strategy:  Book a 45-minute session that also includes an astrological chart reading as an introduction to understanding your purpose in life.

  • Intensive Intuitive Life Strategy Consultation: Combine the Strategic Life coaching with the Intuitive Life Strategy package. This consultation will target key areas of your life purpose with coaching for success. We will look at success factors, as well potential areas of self-sabotage, providing you tools to move forward.

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