The Amazing Journey to Finding Me

This is a list of the various breakthroughs and changes that I have experienced during my transformation. I am trying to remember timing but it may get confused. The real changes in my life started to solidify when I attended the first intensive in Sedona. Actually if I am being really honest, it started back at that first I Can Do It seminar in Orlando when I met Colette. I’m not giving all the credit to her, but felt at that time there was a reason that she was brought into my life.

I am starting the list from now and going backwards.

  • Purchased a bicycle and started using it – major accomplishment since I have been planning to do this from the time I moved to Florida.

  • Purchased some new clothes 2 sizes smaller than I currently wear. When I wear the current size (20) there are almost 2 inches of space at the waist. I can actually pull them up and down without doing the snap.

  • I originally purchased 1 size smaller (18) and found these to actually be too big for me also.

  • The size 16 are still a little tight, but I have them and know they will fit now that I am back from Europe.

  • I processed the emotional issues dealing with the death of my Father where he didn’t tell me he loved me before he died. (I was actually talking with my sister about this tonight. She remembers me being in the room when he told her he loved her. I told him that I was there too and he didn’t acknowledge me. She said she saw the hurt in my eyes. I had completely forgotten that memory. The song the Living Years now has a much stronger meaning for me as it relates to what my Father wanted to tell me.

  • I realized that my birthday present at the age of 7 was my younger sister. This was huge for me because this was when I became that invisible child. I have since rescued this child and dealt with that issue.

  • I realized that I started gaining weight when my Mother moved in with me. I lost focus of taking care of me and spent my life taking care of her. I let her live her life through me and carried a lot of anger and frustration. I also became a great enabler.

  • I started the saga of the travelling saggy pants. Once I started being the neutral observer, I stopped taking on everyone else’s shit.

  • I realized that I can’t save others. They have to save themselves. I stopped being so co-dependent and enabling.

  • I have reduced the white sugar and processed flour from my diet. Not eliminated completely, but really slowed down.

  • I don’t eat chocolate like I did.

  • I am really eating more healthy – salads. Less red meat

  • I am taking my nutrients more regularly

  • I have stopped drinking sweet tea and am drinking more water.

  • I am successfully coaching 2 wonderful clients and getting great results. Both are making great progress with their own transformations.

  • I had my picture taken and for the first time in a long time felt that it was a good picture.

  • I stopped thinking of myself as ugly and not deserving of a wonderful man and relationship.

  • Visited the valley of echoes and the hall of mirrors with my great study buddy Patti. The two landscapes actually combined. We rescued several images while there.

  • I took control of the Goblin villages and played the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland – Off with their heads.

  • I received my voice back from the bone collector. This is something that I gave up in the 7th grade when I changed schools. This is also a time that I started having physical image issues. I am now feeling that I can have that voice.

Other big changes for 2012:

  • I dumped the old relationship. – this opens the doors for the wonderful relationship that is coming. I feel it getting closer and closer. In fact my sister asked me tonight if I was seeing someone. She as been feeling that there is someone coming soon for me also.

  • I gave the not good enough goblin a new job – the banker. His job is not to make me feel insecure or not good enough to coach. His job is to determine how I can make money coaching. Right after I did that, I did my first astrological charts/coaching and got paid.

  • I ventured into the world of business consulting in the pharmaceutical industry I haven’t really worked in this industry before. I have established a relationship with the CEO who had me spend 3 weeks coaching and mentoring her staff in preparation for the FDA. The FDA actually showed up 1 week after the assignment and they seem to have done well with the areas that I set up for hosting the FDA.

  • I have been on consulting assignments for business continuously this year.

  • I sent a thank you note to my former manager for helping me realize that it was time for me to move on and take control of my life.

  • I successfully completed the Wealth Energetix and Divination Dynamics classes.

  • I have been doing some readings and intuitive work where people are telling me that I am 95%+ accurate in what I am seeing. ?

  • I stopped supporting my nephew and his baby momma and am not enabling them any more.

  • I have learned to put my energy field up to prevent others from sucking away my positive energy.